After trekking around the archaeological site of the famous Oracle of Delphi, we popped into the Delphi Archaeological Museum for a quick tour of the artifacts found during the excavation. The Museum exhibits mainly consist of statues, the architectural remains of buildings, and the offerings made to the sanctuary of Apollo. It was a good art history lesson.  

Here are a few of our favorite artifacts on display in the museum, accompanied by Wikipedia links if you want to read a bit more about their significance. Please note all photos were taken in compliance with Museum regulations.

^^ the naxian sphinx. this was an offering to the temple of apollo from the island of naxos. ^^

^^ caryatid from the siphnian treasury. ^^

^^ this frieze from the siphnian treasury still contains traces of paint color. ^^

^^ kleobis and bilton. according to legend, these brothers came to the aid of their mother, and the goddess hera rewarded them with a peaceful death in their sleep, allowing them to always be remembered for their heroic deed. ^^

^^ kylix with a drawing of apollo. ^^

^^ statue of a philosopher from the late hellenistic period. ^^
^^ the famous statue of antinous. he was a beloved companion of the emperor hadrian. ^^

^^ the famous charioteer of delphi, one of the best examples of ancient bronze statues. our hotel in athens had a copy of this statue in the lobby - it was an aha moment when we recognized it! ^^


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