We couldn't imagine flying all the way to Greece and not visiting the location of the famous oracle of Delphi, so after our mini cruise of the Greek Isles, we gave up one of our days in Athens for a day trip to the archaeological site in the valley of Phocis. In ancient times, Delphi was considered to be the center of the world and was internationally known for the oracular powers of the priestess of Apollo. We spent a few hours exploring the ruins here and imagining what life was like thousands of years ago.

Destination: Delphi|Greece| Europe

Traveled: April 2015

Accommodation: Celestyal Olympia

Adventures: Temple of Apollo, Delphi Museum

Takeaways: 1) We're over hiking up hills to visit ruins. 2) The valley is gorgeous! 3) Delphi also has a lot of cats.

 ^^ the omphalos stone, representing the navel of the world. ^^

Restaurant Pick:
Symposium (authentic Greek cuisine, free wifi)
1 Kilometer, National Road, Delphi, Amfissa

Recommendations: 1) Be prepared for a long drive from Athens. 2) Bring water and snacks for the bus. 3) Remember some uphill hiking is involved to reach the ruins.

Next Time: Visit the modern town of Delphi. Check out the Tholos at the sanctuary of Athena Pronoia.


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