After Hurricane Odile struck Cabo San Lucas and forced us to change our scheduled vacation plans, we moved our reservation to the resort's La Romana location, mostly since it was a new destination for us and wasn't located near the recent hurricane activity on the Pacific coast. Plus, the Dominican Republic was pretty good to us for our honeymoon a few years back. We were excited to give the country another visit.

As expected, La Romana was beautiful. It offered hot temperatures, sunshine, palm trees, turquoise waters, and sandy beaches. We thoroughly enjoyed our short time there.

Destination: La Romana | Dominican Republic | Hispaniola | Caribbean

Traveled: September/October 2014

Strategy: Relax. Sit by the pool. Drink cocktails. Stroll along the beach. Relax.

Memorable Moment:  Floating in the Caribbean.

Takeaways:  1) Always have a back-up plan for transportation. 2) The sun is INTENSE. Consider investing in a sun shirt/rash guard for future vacations. Also, consider checking a bag to pack more sunblock. 3) If a local says to you, "Maybe not so much sun on the first day.", listen to him. 4) Those high school Spanish classes flood back into memory. 5) The made-to-order eggs are the way to go at the breakfast buffet.

Recommendations:  1) Bring  cash in small denominations. You need $10 cash for each tourist card upon arrival at the airport and money for tipping. It's not necessary to exchange the USD into local currency. 2) Do not underestimate the sun! Pack all the essentials to protect yourself from those intense rays: SUNBLOCK, aloe vera lotion, ibuprofen, hats, sunglasses, sun shirts, etc. 3) Avoid drinking the tap water. 

Next Time: If we had more time to spare, we'd love to book an excursion on the water. We'll sign up for snorkeling or sailing if we make it back there.


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