After a late arrival in Naples, we transferred the following morning to the coastal town of Sorrento. We debated traveling around southwestern Italy and staying in multiple locations on this trip but ultimately decided to use Sorrento as a home base and sign up for day trips. While we tend to appreciate staying overnight in locations, it just didn't seem appealing to haul luggage around those Italian cliffs every couple of days, and we wanted to enjoy a slower-paced vacation this time around.

We loved our time in Sorrento. Sure, the town was on the touristy side (as were most towns in this region), but those sweeping views of the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius were magical. Sorrento left us with lasting memories of lemon trees, mouth-watering mozzarella, and evening orange skies highlighting the volcano.

Accommodation: Hilton Sorrento Palace

Adventures: Piazza Tasso, Valley of the Mills, Cathedral of Sorrento, Villa Comunale, Church of Saint Francesco, Piazza della Vittoria, Marina Piccola

Takeaways: 1) Sorrento is perched on top of the cliffs, which means the steps here are mostly limited to the ones connecting the downtown area to the marinas. 2) It's not possible to get tired of those water views. 3) This region produces the largest lemons and the most lemon products we've ever seen. 4) Via S. Cesareo equates to tourist alley. 5) It's possible to find a bad meal in Italy. 6) The food seemed better the further we went from the city center/tourist areas. 7) Beer can be purchased from a vending machine. 8) Dress is more casual here than other areas in Italy. 9) It was much warmer and more humid than expected. 10) A canceled day trip can be remedied by a morning at the hotel pool followed by shopping and pizza.

Memorable Moments: 1) Wandering around the historic center with gelato in hand. 2) Checking out those panoramic views of the Bay. 3) Eating market-purchased antipasti on our hotel patio. 4) Climbing down the steps to Marina Piccola.

Foodstuff: Caprese salad. Buffalo mozzarella. Gnocchi alla sorrentina. Pasta. Pizza. Gelato. Wine. Limoncello.

Market Pick:
Carrefour Market (we bought water, wine, olives, focaccia, and olive oil to enjoy in our hotel room)
Via Antonino Sersale, 5

Restaurant Picks:
Queen's Chips Amsterdam (order a size small)
Corso Italia, 84

Pizzeria Rosticceria da Michele (casual atmosphere but amazing pizza)
Via Fuorimura, 52

Meating (try the Caprese salad and lasagna)
Via S. Maria Pieta, 24

Via Marziale, 25

Sorrento Restaurant (we're still thinking about the kirsch flavored creme brulee with cherries and Sichuan pepper fruit compote)
Hilton Sorrento Palace
Via S. Antonio, 13

1) Avoid taking the train from Naples.
2) Find the elevator that connects the downtown area to the port of Marina Piccola. The small payment is worth avoiding the climb up the steps.
3) Consider staying at a hotel with a pool in the warmer months.
4) Pack resort wear. Consider the humidity levels when packing.
5) Choose restaurants outside the main tourist areas.

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